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Product Review: Cobra King F7 Driver

The Cobra King F7 driver will change the way you play. Bold statement, but I can’t remember the last time a product came in for review that created so much buzz.

First off, never before have we seen a driver with so much diversity. The King F7 is billed as “3 Drivers in One,” but it’s actually more, thanks to the eight adjustable loft settings.

We’ll get to the lofts, but let’s focus on the “3” for a moment. That’s based on the three different center of gravity settings - front, back and heel. Depending on the position, the King F7 will produce three different ball flights.
1. Move the heavier 12g colored weight to the front position for a lower, penetrating ball flight with less spin and more roll;
2. Place the weight in the back position for a higher, towering ball flight with added spin for more carry; and
3. When moved to the heel position, it works to create more draw spin to correct a slice.

Changing the loft on the King F7 driver is simple
The trifecta of CG! Pick your position and fire away.

As for the loft settings, in only three steps you can adjust to these eight options: 9° / 9.5° / 9.5° Draw / 10.5° / 10.5° Draw / 11.5°  / 11.5° Draw / 12°. The three steps:
1. Remove the shaft insert with the provided wrench;
2. Rotate the shaft until your desired lost appears in the window; and
3. Tighten the screw. A noticeable click means the loft has been completed successfully.

Note: For each increased/decreased degree of loft, your trajectory will change +/- .7 degrees and your spin rate will change up to 300 rpm.

Testing the Engineering
For testing purposes, we tried each of the three CG settings at 10.5 degrees. For comparison, my current driver carries approximately 240 yards, has a spin rate around 3,000 rpm and launch angle of 12.

Cobra’s proprietary carbon fiber (TeXtreme ) allows for a lighter crown and moves more weight lower on the clubhead. This is done to increase distance and forgiveness.

With the CG weight in front, my carry remained around 240 yards, but spin rate dropped to 1,250 rpm and launch angle was slightly lower at 11.8 degrees. Total distance - normally at 260 yards - increased to 267 yards.

With the CG weight in the rear, carry increased to 246 yards and spin rate was consistently around 1,275 rpm. Launch angle moved back to 12 degrees, similar to the test driver.

With the CG weight at the heel, we saw carry distances and launch angle matching the test driver (240 yards and 12 degrees), but more spin (1,285) than the other two positions. The only negative of our session occurred here, with several snap hooks. That could be the added weight in the heel or user error, of course.

Another thing we noticed ... Off-center hits performed better than they did with the test driver. This could be a product of the larger “Sweet Zone” and variable thickness structure of the face that is designed to be lighter, thinner and hotter.

Track distance and accuracy with COBRA CONNECT
This is where I sound like an infomercial. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!!

Cobra has teamed with Arccos for unprecedented stat tracking. Forget tagging, as you can automatically track the distance and accuracy of each drive. With COBRA CONNECT, all you have to do is pair your club with the free Arccos Driver smartphone app to gather performance data. The app also provides GPS distances for more than 40,000 courses worldwide. Personally, I’ve used another stat-tracking system and always forget to tag before a shot, which throws off my numbers. COBRA CONNECT does it for you automatically.

The Cobra King F7 driver originally retailed for $349, but is now $100 cheaper because the company recently introduced the F8 line to the family (available in January 2018). Read about the new F8 technology HERE. If you can do without that and want to save some money, the King F7 is an excellent driver.

Cobra Golf Introduces F8 Fairways, Hybrids for Increased Distance, Versatility from Any Lie

KING F8 and F8+ Fairways & F8 Hybrids, and the industry’s first ONE Length Hybrid, Utilize Progressive Baffler Rails & 360 o Aero Technology for Unrivaled Performance

(Carlsbad, Calif.) - Cobra Golf, a leader in golf club innovation and technology, today introduced its highest-performing and most technologically-advanced KING F8, F8+ fairways, and KING F8 hybrids. Employing COBRA’s patented Dual Baffler Rail system, cutting-edge 360o Aero Technology, premium multi-material construction, and COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos, the F8 family of fairways and hybrids are COBRA’s fastest, most versatile and smartest yet.

The KING F8 and F8+ fairways are designed to provide golfers of varying playing abilities a choice between maximum launch and forgiveness in the F8 model, or tour preferred shaping with maximum workability and precision in the F8+ model.

The KING F8 fairways (MAP $249) incorporate an improved Baffler Dual Rail System with tighter-spaced rails with CG centered between the rails, reducing twisting and resulting in a higher amount of clubhead speed retained upon contact with the turf.

Progressive Rail Heights dependent on club loft, (shallower in the 3W and taller in the 5W) provide consistent turf interaction for sweeping or steeper attack angles. COBRA’s 360o Aero Technology incorporates an innovative system of lightweight aero trips strategically positioned around the perimeter of the face to improve drag reduction through the downswing for increased clubhead speed.

The F8 fairways feature a larger address profile that increases MOI for more distance and forgiveness on mis-hits and a shallower face that lowers CG for improved launch and speed. Additionally, a back CG weight helps promote a towering, forgiving trajectory from a variety of turf conditions.  For the first time, COBRA’s mainline fairways feature an ultralight 5-ply Carbon Fiber crown, which saves nearly 13 grams in weight compared to the previous steel version, to move the CG even lower for the ultimate in distance and spin performance. Rounding out the performance technologies, a forged 475 Stainless Steel face insert boasting COBRA’s patented E9 Technology, a variable thickness face construction designed with an elliptical pattern Sweet Zone, creates more hot spots farther away from the center of the face for more distance on heel and toe shots.

MyFly8 technology affords golfers the choice of eight loft settings in each of three different models (3-4, 5-6 & 7-8) to fine-tune launch conditions and maximize distance while a new Smart Pad created on the rail system, maintains a square clubhead at address. Below is a rundown of lofts available in each F8 model.

3-4 FWY: (13 o, 13.5 o, 13.5 o Draw, 14.5 o, 14.5 o Draw, 15.5 o, 15.5 o Draw, 16 o)
5-6 FWY: (17 o, 17.5 o, 17.5 o Draw, 18.5 o, 18.5 o Draw, 19.5 o, 19.5 o Draw, 20 o)
7-8 FWY: (21 o, 21.5 o, 21.5 o Draw, 22.5 o, 22.5 o Draw, 23.5 o, 23.5 o Draw, 24 o)

The KING F8+ fairways (MAP $249) provide all of the same incredible technologies as the F8, in a more compact head size that better players prefer. Furthermore, in F8+ the CG weight is front-positioned leading to a more penetrating ball flight to help higher swing speed players prevent ballooning, and to perform better in all weather conditions. MyFly8 with Smart Pad technology affords golfers the choice of eight loft settings in each of two different models (3-4 & 4-5) to fine-tune launch conditions and maximize distance while keeping the clubhead square at address.  Below is a rundown of lofts available in each F8+ model.

3-4 FWY: (12 o, 12.5 o, 12.5 o Draw, 13.5 o, 13.5 o Draw, 14.5 o, 14.5 o Draw, 15 o)
5-6 FWY: (16 o, 16.5 o, 16.5 o Draw, 17.5 o, 17.5 o Draw, 18.5 o, 18.5 o Draw, 19 o)

F8 Fairway:
Colors: Nardo or Black
Grip: Lamkin REL 360 (Tour Taper; COBRA CONNECT) – in Nardo or Black.
Stock shaft option: Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 70 shaft in Stiff or Regular versions in RH/LH.
At retail: Jan 12, 2018

F8+ Fairway:
Color: Nardo Grey Only
Grip: Lamkin Crosline 360 (Plus; COBRA CONNECT) - Nardo
Shaft: Aldila NV 2KXV Green 75 in X-Stiff, Stiff and Regular flexes in RH only.
At retail: Jan 12, 2018

Women’s KING F8 fairways (MAP $249) utilize all the innovative technologies present in the men’s models with higher lofts ranging from 17° - 27° across three models (3-4 FWY, 5-6 FWY & 7-8 FWY) to generate maximum launch for women’s swing speeds.  An oversized profile at address increases MOI providing ladies with much-needed distance, forgiveness and speed on off-center hits.
Colors: Black/Lexi Blue and Silver/Raspberry
Shaft: Aldila NV 2KXV 50 in ladies flex (RH/LH).
Grip: Lamkin REL 360 CONNECT in black or grey (to match clubhead color).

The KING F8 and F8 ONE Length hybrids (MAP $199) utilize COBRA’s Baffler Dual Rail System and a new Multi-Directional Crown Aero Technology to provide more speed, forgiveness and versatility than ever before.  Like the F8 fairways, the taller and tighter-spaced rails on the F8 and F8 ONE hybrids provide more leading edge bounce, to help the club stay lower to the ground for more consistent launch from a variety of lies.  The multi-directional Aero trips on the crown made of lightweight polymer ensure optimized aerodynamic performance while maintaining a lower CG for faster clubhead speed and more distance. A sleeker clubhead design features a lowered skirt and a shorter, skinnier hosel for an extremely low CG, while a fixed weight positioned low and back results in a high, towering ball flight that delivers the ultimate in launch and distance performance.

The F8 ONE LENGTH Hybrid delivers ultimate consistency and simplicity allowing golfers to utilize one setup and one swing from their hybrids down to their irons.  To achieve optimum performance at 7-iron length, lie and swing weight, the unique design of the F8 ONE Hybrid features an upright lie angle and a heavier head weight.  A larger internal weight pad allows the CG to be moved lower and deeper resulting in a higher flying trajectory that benefits golfers who struggle to hit their ONE Length long irons up in the air.

F8 Hybrids:
Colors: Nardo Grey
Offerings: 2H (17 o), 3H (19 o) 4H (22 o) and 5H (25 o) – RH/LH
*(2H and 5H are available in LH in custom only).
Shaft: Aldila Rogue Pro 75 graphite (Stiff, Regular and Lite).
Grip: Lamkin REL 360 (Tour Taper; COBRA CONNECT).

F8 ONE Hybrid:
Offerings: 3H (19o), 4H (22o) and 5H (25o) – in RH/LH
Grip: Lamkin REL 360 (Tour Taper; COBRA CONNECT) grip in blue & red
Shaft: Aldila Rogue Pro ONE Length in stiff, regular and lite flexes.

Women’s KING F8 hybrids (MAP $199) – utilize all the game changing technologies in the men’s’ versions.
Color: Black/Lexi Blue and Silver/Raspberry
Available in: 4H (22 o), 5H (25 o) 6H (28 o) and 7H (31 o)
Shaft: Aldila Rogue Pro 60 graphite in ladies flex in RH (*LH through custom)
Includes COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos
At retail: Jan 12, 2018

Golfers can now purchase the new F8 fairways and hybrids, along with the F8 driver and irons, to complete their fully connected set using the COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos system; the award-winning connected golf system helps players of all skill levels make smarter, data-driven decisions.  Electronically embedded sensors in the grip of each club automatically record the distance and accuracy of every shot so golfers can track their improvements round-to-round.  Using the COBRA CONNECT/Arccos 360 mobile app, users simply pair their clubs to receive detailed performance data and access to rangefinder GPS distances for more than 40,000 courses worldwide.

For more information on the entire KING family of products, visit Join the conversation using #CobraCONNECT or #KINGF8.

Bobby Weed Golf Design Wins BoardRoom Magazine 2017 “Excellence in Achievement” Award

Design firm honored for Course Architecture – Renovation

(PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Florida) – Bobby Weed Golf Design ( has won the 2017 “Excellence in Achievement” Award from The BoardRoom Magazine, in the category of Course Architecture – Renovation. The award will be presented at the CMAA 91st World Conference, to take place March 2-6, 2018, in San Francisco, Calif.

“We are honored to accept this award in recognition of our renovation work this past year,” said Bobby Weed. “My design partner, Chris Monti, and I have had the privilege of bringing to fruition some fine renovation projects, where the golf courses will serve their communities well far into the future.”

Among notable Bobby Weed Golf Design projects in 2017 were the completion of the renovation of the golf course and practice facilities at Pleasant Valley Country Club, in Little Rock, Ark., and a comprehensive renovation and repurposing of Greenacres Country Club, in Lawrenceville, N.J.

Also this year, Bobby Weed Golf Design completed a full bunker renovation at the Slammer & Squire golf course at the World Golf Village, in St. Augustine, Fla., where Weed returned after 20 years to the first layout he designed under his own banner. Simultaneously, a new relationship was begun with a redesign of the practice facility at Interlachen Country Club, in Winter Park, Fla.

For more information on Bobby Weed Golf Design, see

Deadline Nears for Ron Balicki Scholarship - for Aspiring Golf Journalists

(RELEASE) - The Ron Balicki Scholarship for aspiring golf journalists is dedicated to the memory of Ron Balicki for his lifelong commitment to covering the game of golf.

Few individuals have done more to bring exposure to college golf than Balicki, who passed away in 2014 after a battle with cancer. Since practically inventing the college golf beat while at Golfweek in 1983, Balicki became part of the fabric of the college and amateur game. He covered his first golf tournament in 1980 while with the Florida Daily News. He won first-place and third-place in Golf Association of America writing contests and won four first-place and numerous honorable mention awards with the International Network of Golf. Balicki also won three first-place awards from the Texas Golf Writers Association. He was a winner of the Golf Writer’s Association of America Jimmy D’Angelo Award and the Northwest Florida Sports Association’s Al Byrne Award, both of which are presented to a person for contributions, devotion and service to the organization and the community. In 2016, he was named to the Emerald Coast’s All Sports Hall of Fame in Fort Walton Beach, Fla., where he worked as a newspaper sports editor before joining Golfweek.

A 2010 inductee into the Golf Coaches Association of America Hall of Fame, Balicki covered every NCAA Championship dating back to 1985 and every GCAA National Convention since its inception until 2013, when the cancer that claimed his life prevented him from traveling. Dubbed "Wrong Ron" for his propensity to incorrectly pick the winner of the NCAA Championships and playfully teased for his uncanny ability to bring the rain with him to events he covered, Balicki was truly fond of the sport and people he covered and was loved back by the players, coaches and everyone involved with college golf. Truly one of the kindest men one could ever meet, Ron is greatly missed.

The first Ron Balicki Scholarship will be awarded for the spring 2018 semester; a $2,500 grant will be awarded to a deserving student. Beginning for the 2018-19 academic year, $5,000 will be awarded. Any college/university student at the undergraduate or graduate level or high school journalist may apply for consideration.

Follow this link for the nomination form:

Eagles, Birdies, and Pigeons Highlight 2018 French Lick Resort Golf Packages

New options add to the Buddy trip, couples, and girlfriend golf getaway experiences

(French Lick, IN) – One of the country’s premier historic golf destinations, French Lick Resort, nestled among the Hoosier National Forest in southern Indiana, has been a place that legends, champions, and golf aficionados have been experiencing since the early 20th century.

Serious golfers in the Midwest and nationwide seeking a historic golf adventure and experience the only golf destination in the world that features a combination of hall of fame designers Donald Ross and Pete Dye together with two historic hotels should consider French Lick Resort.

Golfers can now book 2018 golf packages, which includes a variety of new offerings along with its popular mainstays like the Hall of Fame and Donald Ross Experience packages. Whether it's a buddy trip, couples retreat, or a girls-getaway, you will find a package to suit your needs.

Eagles, Birdies, and Pigeons Package
Take your best shots on the golf course and now off the course with this ultimate experience that combines golf with the adventure of sporting clays on the new 73-acre shooting range. Located along the Lost River behind West Baden Spring Hotel, twelve stations offer a wide variety of targets and trajectories. This golf and sporting clays package includes two-nights lodging at either hotel, a day of golf on both the Donald Ross and Pete Dye courses together with a 50 target/50 shells sporting clays package on the day of arrival or departure. This package is available for groups of 12 or more.

French Lick Springs Hotel – starting at $737 per person based on double occupancy West Baden Springs Hotel – starting at $797 per person based on double occupancy Single occupancy rates available on request.

Hall of Fame Package
The resort’s most popular golf package and the best way to experience this award-winning golf destination includes playing the resort’s two legendary courses designed by Hall of Fame architects – Pete Dye and Donald Ross. Each are ranked among the Top 100 in America’s Greatest Public Courses and are currently ranked as the No. 1 and 2 Courses You Can Play in Indiana.

The package includes a one-night stay at either resort hotel, a day of unlimited golf on The Pete Dye Course, a day of unlimited golf at The Donald Ross Course, unlimited use of the driving range and practice facility, bag storage, and shuttle service.

French Lick Springs Hotel – starting at $559 per person based on double occupancy; or $649 per person based on single occupancy West Baden Springs Hotel – starting at $589 per person based on double occupancy; or $709 per person based on single occupancy A $30 forecaddie fee (per person, per round) is required at The Pete Dye Course and is not included in package pricing. Forecaddie available on request at The Donald Ross Course.

Donald Ross Experience
With over 100 years of history, The Donald Ross Course at French Lick offers the chance to experience golf the way it was meant to be played. Experience old-school links golf on a classic Ross course situated in the rolling hills of the countryside. This package includes two days of golf on The Donald Ross Course plus overnight accommodations at either resort hotel. Carts are included for all rounds, as is complimentary shuttle service to the course.

French Lick Springs Hotel – starting at $334 per person based on double occupancy; or $428 per person based on single occupancy West Baden Springs Hotel – starting at $354 per person based on double occupancy; or $468 per person based on single occupancy Forecaddie available on request at The Donald Ross Course.

The Pete Dye VIP Learning Experience
When it comes to a high-end exclusive golf experience and some of the best golf instruction in the country, French Lick Resort is one of the leaders, and they have now combined the two creating the Pete Dye VIP Learning Experience. Serious golf aficionados will spend four-nights at either hotel, three-days of golf on the Pete Dye Course, and four-hours of private personalized instruction at the Pete Dye range with top instructors and some of the leading swing technology to improve your game. Call for pricing.

For more information and to view additional golf package options, visit or call our reservation specialists at (888) 936-9360.

Audemars Piguet Ambassador Brendan Grace Wins at Home During the Nedbank Golf Challenge

Branden Grace wears a Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph

(Le Brassus) – Branden Grace won his eighth European Tour title on Sunday 12 November at the Nedbank Golf Challenge hosted by Gary Player in Sun City.

The final group composed of Grace, Victor Dubuisson and Scott Jamieson engaged in an exciting battle on the last day. The trio shared the lead with four holes to play, but an extraordinary 40-foot birdie putt on the 16th moved Branden to the winning score of eleven-under par, one shot ahead of Jamieson.

Branden hit all 18 greens in regulation and recorded a bogey-free final round as he became South Africa’s first home winner in a decade.

The 29-year old commented: "This is awesome. This is the one event that as a South African you want to win. It's Africa's Major for a reason and what a special place it is. There is a lot of history and a lot of great winners on the trophy and I'm very glad to be able to put my name on the trophy as well.”

This victory moved Branden not only into a tie for fourth on the list of all-time South African European Tour winners, but also into the top-10 of the Race to Dubai just before this week’s final event, and into the top-30 of the Official World Golf Ranking.

Fellow Audemars Piguet Golf Dream Team member Lee Westwood finished tied sixth at five-under par.

These results show once again the strength of Audemars Piguet’s golf ambassadors, who all embody the brand’s philosophy “To break the rules, you must first master them”: Ben An, Bud Cauley, Darren Clarke, Paul Dunne, Emiliano Grillo, Miguel Ángel Jiménez, Andrew Johnston, Romain Langasque, Renato Paratore, Ian Poulter, Xander Schauffele, Henrik Stenson, Vijay Singh, Andy Sullivan, Peter Uihlein, Bernd Wiesberger and Danny Willett.

Join the #APGolf discussion @AudemarsPiguet on Twitter and @AudemarsPiguetExperience on Instagram

For more information on Branden Grace, visit:

Spieth's Swing Coach Launches Digital Instruction Series

Cameron McCormick, Jordan Spieth’s Long-Time Swing Coach, Adds Instructional Television to His Resume with New Digital Series

(ORLANDO, Fla.) – The coaching tips that have propelled the careers of some of the world’s most successful golfers, including three-time Major Champion Jordan Spieth, are now available to any golfer through the video series, The Skill Code, hosted by 2015 PGA Teacher of the Year Cameron McCormick. The digital series is now available for download exclusively on Revolution Golf for a limited time before it airs on Golf Channel.

McCormick announced in October his first entree into televised instruction, becoming an official member of the team of expert instructors featured on Golf Channel and Revolution Golf. As part of the new multi-year relationship, McCormick will host The Skill Code instructional series – debuting on Revolution Golf as both a downloadable digital version and a DVD set – where he will share with golfers the knowledge he has cultivated over a 20-year coaching career, along with his creative approach to incorporating a wider perspective on what it takes to improve golf performance.

“I want to empower the average golfer with the means to not only understand but also apply concepts that I’m going to deliver in The Skill Code. Rather than hope and wish that there are great shots coming, to actually make it happen right now,” McCormick said during his appearance today on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive.  “So, we’ll call it ‘democratization’ of an understanding of those elements that give rise to really good shots.”

Watch a video clip of McCormick’s appearance on Morning Drive here.

The Skill Code comprises 12 episodes, with bonus content featuring an exclusive interview with McCormick, as well as five additional golf tips. Buyers also will receive an invitation to a live Q&A event in January with Revolution Golf instructors, as well as a discount on Revolution Golf+, the website’s subscription program offering member-exclusive content. The digital version sells for $47, with the four-disc DVD set selling for $57, plus shipping (shipping is free for RG+ members).

Golf Channel’s advanced production elements included the use of seven cameras and slow-motion video, as well as abundant graphics to help identify key message points and nuances to one of golf’s most complicated movements – the golf swing. In this exclusive video series, he shows viewers how to:
· Gain an extra 15-20 yards off the tee
· Build a solid swing that repeats
· Make the most of practice time
· Hit a power draw for extra accuracy and distance
· Build a short game to help save 5-10 shots a round in the next 30 days

In addition to Spieth, McCormick’s renowned roster of students includes more than 13 PGA, and LPGA Tour players, 10 of the Top-100 players in the World Junior Golf Rankings, and four of Top-100 players in the World Amateur Golf Rankings.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Michigan’s Meadowbrook Country Club a 2017 Design Excellence Recognition Program Honoree

Historic course and renovation architect Andy Staples one of only 11 projects cited by the American Society of Golf Course Architects

(Northville, Michigan) — The American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) selected Meadowbrook Country Club for its accolade as a 2017 Design Excellence Recognition Program honoree. Meadowbrook is one of only 11 courses to receive the prestigious designation.

Arizona-based architect Andy Staples of Staples Golf Design oversaw the renovation

of the legendary suburban Detroit course.  Meadowbrook Country Club embarked on a major renovation of its historic 1916 course last year to mark the milestone occasion of its 100th anniversary, and took the bold step of closing the course entirely for play.  Originally designed by Scottish classic architect Willie Park, Jr., with a later contribution by the renowned Donald Ross, Meadowbrook unveiled its refreshed new look in May.

“On behalf of our membership at Meadowbrook Country Club, we're honored to be acknowledged by the ASGCA as one of only 11 courses to earn the distinction for design excellence,” said general manager Joe Marini.  “This prestigious award underscores how proud we are of our new course.  Andy Staples and the design team did a spectacular job.”

“This was a tremendous project and I am proud to have been involved with the renovation of Meadowbrook’s vintage course,” said Staples. “I am especially honored with the ASGCA’s recognition.”

Since its creation, the Design Excellence Recognition Program has highlighted the innovation and problem-solving skills required of today’s golf course designs, from new 18-hole layouts to practice facilities and renovations to classic courses. According to ASGCA President John Sanford, “The 11 named projects continue the tradition of the Design Excellence Recognition Program; well-designed facilities that make a positive impact on the game to benefit golfers and their communities.”

For more information, visit or call (248) 349-3600.

Cobra Golf Introduces 2018 Driver Line-up with First Ever CNC Milled Face for Speed, Precision

The KING F8 and F8+ Drivers Feature A Fully Machined Face with 360 Aero Technology along w/ COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos System Embedded Directly In the Grip 

(Carlsbad, Calif.) - Cobra Golf, a leader in golf club innovation and technology, today introduced the KING F8 and KING F8+ drivers featuring the brand’s first ever Precision Milled Forged face for the ultimate in driving performance. The groundbreaking, fully CNC machined driver face paired with revolutionary 360o Aero Technology and equipped with COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos, delivers COBRA’s fastest, most precise and smartest drivers to date.

“At COBRA Golf our engineers continue to push the envelope when it comes to innovation and delivering the best in game-changing golf equipment for golfers of all levels,” said Tom Olsavsky, VP of Research & Development, COBRA Golf. “With the addition of the first CNC Milled titanium driver face for unrivaled precision, weight savings and performance gains, combined with advanced analytics from COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos, we believe the F8 and F8+ drivers are truly a step into the future of the game.”

COBRA’s first fully machined driver face utilizes a unique multi-directional CNC milling pattern that delivers the highest level of precision for superior performance.  Compared to traditional hand polished drivers, CNC precision milling allowed COBRA engineers to achieve precise face thickness and tighter tolerances resulting in improved bulge-and-roll curvatures with a face that is 3% thinner and 10% lighter for maximum ball speed across the face with distance and accuracy.

The KING F8 and F8+ drivers (along with COBRA’s F8 family of products including fairways, hybrids & irons deliver the first connected set of golf clubs), boast COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos, the award winning connected golf system that helps players of all skill levels make smarter, data-driven decisions.  Electronically embedded sensors in the grip automatically record the distance and accuracy of every shot so golfers can track their improvements round-to-round. Using the COBRA CONNECT/ Arccos 360 mobile app, users simply pair their club to receive detailed performance data and access rangefinder GPS distances for more than 40,000 courses worldwide.

The KING F8 and F8+ drivers are designed to provide golfers of varying playing abilities a choice between oversized performance with maximum forgiveness or traditional shaping with maximum workability, precision and penetrating ball flights.

The KING F8 driver (MAP $399) features an oversized address profile that increases MOI and provides more distance, forgiveness and speed on off-center hits. An adjustable weight system offers two Center of Gravity (CG) settings: one in the back for a higher, towering ball flight and one in the heel to provide additional draw bias.

COBRA’s 360o Aero TechnologyTM incorporates an innovative system of aerodynamic trips strategically positioned around the perimeter of the face to improve drag reduction through the downswing for increased clubhead speed. COBRA engineers utilized a polymer material on the trips placed on the crown for better CG positioning and higher MOI. An ultralight, 5-ply Carbon Fiber crown saves discretionary weight to move the CG lower and deeper for higher trajectories and increased forgiveness. A lightweight 8-1-1- Titanium Body and Forged Face spares weight while the brands’ patented E9TM Technology, a variable thickness face designed with elliptical pattern Sweet Zone, creates more hot spots farther away from the center of the face for more distance on heel and toe shots.

MyFly8 with Smart Pad technology affords golfers the choice of 8 loft settings (9.0o, 9.5 o, 9.5D o, 10.5 o, 10.5D o, 11.5 o, 11.5D o and 12 o) to fine tune launch conditions and maximize distance while Smart Pad maintains a square clubhead at address.

The KING F8 Driver will be available in two colorways, a Nardo Grey or Black. The driver will come stock with a Lamkin REL 360 (Tour Taper; COBRA CONNECT) grip in nardo or black (to match the clubhead color) and a choice of three stock shafts: MRC Tensei CK Blue 50g (lite & regular flex); Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60 (regular or stiff) or an Aldila NV 2KXV Green 65 (stiff flex). *Additional shafts and flex variations available in custom.

Designed with a more traditional clubhead shape and a lower loft range (8.0o, 8.5 o, 8.5D o, 9.0o, 9.5D o, 10.0 o, 10.5D o and 11 o), the F8+ Driver (MAP $399) utilizes the same key technologies as the F8 driver – including a CNC Precision Milled E9TM face, 360° Aero Technology, a Carbon Fiber Crown and MyFly8 Technology. Featuring lower trajectories compared to the F8 driver, the F8+ driver is equipped with two CG settings, one in the front, for a lower, penetrating ball flight, and one in the back for a higher, towering ball flight with slightly more spin.

The plus version comes stock with a Lamkin Crossline 360 (COBRA CONNECT) grip in nardo or black with three premium aftermarket shaft options: Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60 (stiff and reg flex), Aldila NV 2KXV Green 65 (stiff and x-stiff) and Project X HZRDUS Yellow 75 (stiff, x-stiff) in RH and LH. The F8+ is also available in Nardo Grey and Black.

Ladies F8 Driver (MAP $399) utilizes all the innovative technologies present in the men’s F8 drivers including: CNC Milled Face, 360o Aero technology, COBRA CONNECT, two adjustable CG positions in the back and heel, Carbon Fiber Crown and MyFly8 with Smart Pad (Loft range, created for ladies swing speed to maximize launch and distance: 11°, 11.5°, 11.5°D, 12.5°, 12.5° D, 13.5°, 13.5° D and 14°). An oversized profile at address will increase MOI providing ladies with much needed distance, forgiveness and speed on off-center hits. The driver, which is available in Black/Lexi Blue and Silver/Raspberry, comes equipped with a COBRA Aldila NV 2KXV 50 shaft (RH/LH) and a grey or black Lamkin REL 360 CONNECT grip.

Both the F8 and F8+ drivers will be available at retail on January 12, 2018.

For more information on the entire KING family of products, visit Join the conversation using ##FACEYOURF8 or #CobraCONNECT

Give the Gift of Linda Hartough Golf Art this Holiday Season

12th Hole, “Golden Bell,” Augusta National Golf Club 2016 – Bridges

One of the most famous golf clubs in the world. The 12th Hole of the Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most famous holes in golf. The play of this difficult hole has determined the outcome of many Masters Tournaments. The swirling winds, Rae's Creek and the green angle makes club selection paramount. The green, guarded with a deep bunker in the front and two bunkers in the rear, is only nine yards deep in the center. En route to the green the player crosses Ben Hogan bridge. In March, the yellow flowered Golden Bell, Forsythia intermedia, blooms behind the green.

Limited Edition - Canvas Giclee - 14" x 24" - $350
Artist Proof - Canvas Giclee - 14" x 24" $450

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Golf Course Photographer Joann Dost Showcases Corral de Tierra Country Club

Video footage of the Corral de Tierra Country Club on the Monterey Peninsula shows the stunning views of the championship golf course

(CORRAL DE TIERRA, CA) - Corral de Tierra Country Club is excited to showcase the championship golf course with video footage from world-renown golf photographer, Joann Dost. Joann's golf course photography has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and GOLF Magazine. Joann created aerial footage of the 4th, 11th and 17th par 3 holes, and the 16th hole, which is a par 5.

Golf at Corral de Tierra Country Club is still spectacular for your winter play even though it is getting cold outside. The micro-climate off Highway 68 between Monterey and Salinas still has beautiful warm days where the fog stays away. "Corral is the most walkable private golf course on the Monterey Peninsula with the absolute best weather," said Scott Ferreira, PGA Golf Pro.

The amenities at the Corral de Tierra Country Club include a year-round heated swimming pool, yoga, massage, fitness center and tennis.

The chef has a fall menu in full swing in preparation for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Fine and casual dining featuring locally sourced seafood, farm-to-table vegetables and local wines are available, along with Roberto's bar for beer-on-tap or a cocktail prepared by the mixologist.

Social events include Wednesday night live music and entertainment, First Fridays Party, Pedro, Mahjong and Pickleball. Holiday happenings in November and December include the Holiday Tree Lighting, Breakfast with Santa and the New Year's Eve Celebration.

Come see all the reasons why Corral de Tierra Country Club is more than just the perfect place to play golf, it is also the home for the perfect golf lifestyle, dining, fitness and social calendar. A limited number of proprietary members are currently available. Contact Donal Daly for information at 831-484-4997 or

Corral de Tierra Country Club is a private club with an 18-hole championship golf course located on the Monterey Peninsula off Highway 68 between Monterey and Salinas.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

True Spec Golf Opens Fitting Studio at Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida

(RELEASE) - True Spec Golf, the worldwide leader in custom club fitting and building, has opened a state of the art facility at Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida. This new fitting studio is located inside the Trump National Golf Club ~ Jupiter Performance Center.

"Our state-of-the-art Fitting Studio pairs perfectly with Trump National ~ Jupiter which already boasts a world-class facility, tremendously supportive membership, and a highly experienced and attentive staff," states Tim Briand, Director of Sales and Fitting - True Spec Golf.  "The opportunity to open a facility in one of the premiere golfing markets in the country, Jupiter, Florida, is something we have desired for some time.  We look forward to helping golfers of all skill levels, beginner and PGA Tour pro alike, find the best set they have ever played, for years to come at Trump National Golf Club - Jupiter."

True Spec Jupiter studio features:
· Spacious indoor to driving range fitting bay.
· Trackman launch monitor.
· Full Blueprint Station (to determine exact equipment specs).
· Fitting Matrix with 30,000+ clubhead and shaft combinations.
· Industry leading brands including- Callaway, Taylormade, Titleist, Miura, and PXG to name a few.

True Spec Jupiter provides golfers with an in-depth knowledge of pairing the right club head and shaft together to build golf clubs that make a measurable improvement to their game. This knowledge is combined with industry leading technology to guarantee the results of every fitting.

"The greatest part of my job is being able to drive noticeable improvement to every customer's game," says Matt Morin, Lead Club Fitter. "I couldn't be more excited to bring True Spec Golf to Trump National ~ Jupiter."

Each club fit by True Spec Golf is hand built in their Scottsdale, Arizona build shop. Cutting edge technology and the highest-grade components are combined to ensure that each club is built to the exact specifications that were determined during the fitting process.

Various fitting options are available with fees ranging from $125 to $450 per fitting session depending on the type of fitting selected. True Spec Golf is offering special promotional rates to guests through December 31, 2017.

Visit to learn more.

REKS Creates Black Friday-Cyber Monday Holiday Incentives

REKS Aviator
Up to 50% off on selected frames

(Boca Raton, FLORIDA) - This holiday season, REKS has created a two-of-a-kind program for today's busy consumers, offering special deals on limited stock frames. Ideal for shoppers looking for great value and special offerings, this holiday special is just a click away at This holiday sale is available now through December 25.

REKS Seafarer
Highlights of this Holiday Sale include:
- Limited time offers on all Sport, Aviator, Seafarer and Round frames:
- Sport & Aviator frames: $18 for one or two for $30, regularly $30 each
- Seafarer and Round frames: $28 for one or two for $50, regularly $50 each
- Unbreakable frame with memory-flex polymer construction
- Lightweight and comfortable, especially under a helmet
- Shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses
- Anti-Reflective coating

Sport and Aviator Frames Featuring our proprietary SOLUX lenses:
- Ultralight Shatter-Resistant Polycarbonate
- 10 times more shatter resistant than glass or plastic
- 100% UV 400 Protection
- Multi-coated lenses (Hydrophobic, scratch-resistant & anti-reflective coating)
- Available in eight colors including mirrors

REKS Sport
Seafarer and Round Frames Featuring our proprietary Lumolux lenses:
- Polycarbonate polarized lenses eliminate glare
- All lenses are 10 times more shatter-resistant than glass or plastic
- 100% UV 400 Protection
- Iconic styles
- Multi-coated optics (Hydrophobic, scratch-resistant & anti-reflective coating)
- Meets ANSI Z80.3 safety standards

Free delivery and our industry leading 24-month warranty against breakage.

Founded in 2015, REKS is a performance and fashion sunglass brand that emphasizes high quality polycarbonate lenses with iconic, classic frames in a range of colors and finishes. With in-house designed unbreakable frames and lenses that are shatter-resistant, lightweight and offer 100% UV 400 protection, REKS eyewear is suited to the consumer who demands flexible and unbreakable sunglasses that provide comfort and stability in all conditions at affordable prices. REKS offers three different lenses and six frame styles, creating a collectible line of eyewear to suit every sport, style and mood.

Visit to learn more. #BeUnbreakable.

Storied Desert Club Charts New Course

Desert Horizons Country Club in Indian Wells, CA unveils $2 million golf course renovation guided by former professional golfer and BBC commentator Clive Clark

(INDIAN WELLS, Calif.) — A combination of member devotion and the design talent of renowned golf course architect and former professional golfer Clive Clark has resulted in a fully renovated and modernized golf course at Desert Horizons Country Club in Indian Wells, Calif.

For nearly four decades, Desert Horizons has stood proudly in one of the most desirable locations in the heart of the Coachella Valley — an oasis through the years for movie stars, snowbirds, sun lovers and sports enthusiasts. Opened in 1979, the Desert Horizons golf course was designed by acclaimed architect Ted Robinson, Sr., who loved his creation so much he lived on its 14th fairway for more than a decade during his later life. The club is blessed with ideal topography, surrounded by towering mountain peaks and situated well away from the prevailing desert winds along the Interstate 10 corridor.

Like people, however, golf courses age and appearances alter with time. Through the decades, Desert Horizons’ common Bermuda push-up greens with no substructure had changed significantly, resulting in greens that were elevated and out of proportion with surrounding bunkers. The bunkers, both greenside and fairway, also needed a facelift as their shape, scale and positioning had lost relevance with evolutions in the game and modern golf course construction.

“The golf course had very good bones but had become a little tired,” said Clark, who as a young man studied architecture in London before becoming a professional golfer.

With nearly 125 golf courses dotting the desert, Desert Horizons faced plenty of competition. Like many area private enclaves following the economic downturn of the last decade, the club found itself dealing with declining membership numbers and financial challenges as it battled to stay viable in a highly competitive private club market. Many neighboring clubs were forced to make significant changes in their operating and ownership structure.

Desert Horizons took a different approach.

“We were determined to remain a private country club owned by its members,” said Bob Lemon, a Seattle resident who joined Desert Horizons 12 years ago. “We wanted to make this entire community more attractive to prospective homeowners and golf members. We knew we needed new green complexes. While we were at it, we thought about what else we could we do to improve and bring the club up to modern standards. We not only needed to attract new members, but also keep the ones we had.”

Buoyed by a desire to refurbish and modernize the golf course, Desert Horizons turned to Clark — who once finished third in the British Open behind Jack Nicklaus and Roberto de Vicenzo, and later became a renowned BBC golf broadcaster — a resident of neighboring La Quinta for nearly a quarter century.

“Clive is an artist who also has a highly regarded body of work in the desert,” said Lemon, who was appointed by the Club Board to chair the renovation committee, which also included longtime members Stewart Thomson and Dave Taylor. “He performed a digital photo rendering process and showed us possibilities of what we could do on each hole, with all the different options.”

Clark’s experience as a golfer and a broadcaster allowed him to see most of the world’s very best golf courses, which has played an important role in his design work. “My philosophy is to let people have fun; let them enjoy the golf course,” said Clark. “Give them some challenge, but don’t overdo it. There needs to be a balance.”

Thrilled with what Clark showed them, the Desert Horizons Board introduced their plan to the membership and took a vote on an assessment. The vote passed, albeit by a narrow margin. Some golf members downgraded their status and the club was concerned that it would lose others, so the Board put the assessment on hold.

That was when Desert Horizons came up with a different plan.

“At church, when we have a need, we reach out,” said Club President Ken MacKenzie. “We did not have a strong enough majority, so we elected not to do the assessment.”

Instead, the Board decided it would “pass the plate” and see how much money it could raise through a voluntary contribution campaign. With an oversized thermometer display to track progress in the clubhouse foyer, the donations were kept anonymous and the club didn’t accept pledges, only cash. “We didn’t count it until we had it,” said Taylor, who spearheaded the fundraising efforts. “We just said, ‘Write us a check.’”

The campaign proved to be quite successful.

With a goal of raising $1.8 million, Desert Horizons received three quarters of what it needed in the first round of fundraising. Knowing they couldn’t renovate all 18 holes in one summer given the overall project scope, the board decided to work on the front nine first during the summer of 2016. The club engaged Indio-based Earth Sculptures to perform the renovation work, local landscape architect TKD

Associates for landscape design, and Indian Wells resident John Fitzpatrick of Sunrise Golf, Inc. to manage the project.

“We knew the membership would be excited to see the work being done,” said Lemon. “We were confident we could raise the remainder of what we needed and, thanks to the great work of our project team, we actually raised more.”

By the end of the contribution campaign, Desert Horizons had raised nearly $2 million.

“More than 80 percent of the golfing members contributed, but they weren’t the only ones,” said MacKenzie. “Some non-golfing social members and senior members also donated, which I consider to be a strong descriptor of the quality of people at our very inclusive club. It was very gratifying to see the loyalty.”

”When I tell the story to my peers, they cannot believe it,” said Director of Golf Rick Ruppert, who has been at Desert Horizons since 1985. “I’ve had other pros tell me that because of what we’ve done, their clubs have followed suit. The renovation is remarkable, but the story of how it was achieved is even more so.”

Under Clark’s direction, Desert Horizons redesigned all its green complexes, including bunkers while also reworking the fairway bunkers to enhance aesthetics and playability. The greens also gained more contouring, particularly on the back nine.

“We wanted to add some movement and new visual elements into the golf course,” Clark said.

Constructed to industry specifications with state-of-the-art drainage and hydration, the Desert Horizons greens are now Tif-dwarf Bermuda — a far superior surface to common Bermuda and more conducive to year-round play.

Every fairway bunker on the golf course was addressed: either renovated, moved or removed, and some were added. Several trees that were superfluous or problematic for re-shaping green complexes and bunkers were removed. While the course stretches to just over 6,600 yards from the back tees, a completely new set of forward tees was added to offer members a 4,500-yard option. The four sets of tees now combine to offer members a total of seven different course lengths on the scorecard to suit golfers of every ability level. The renovation project also included the practice putting green, which now offers 40 percent more usable space.

“Like most clubs we have broad range of members who play for different reasons. We wanted to make the golf course inviting, but we didn’t want to dumb it down,” said Thomson, who was frequently on-site on sweltering summer days to assist with design decisions. “The course may be slightly more open now from tee to green, but the green complexes, bunkering and additional forward tees create a completely new dynamic, and the options to play different types of shots to and around the greens provide an added degree of enjoyability and challenge.”

One of the most noticeable changes has been the elimination of about 120,000 square feet of turf and conversion of these areas to low-water use landscaping. With a wide variety of hearty and colorful perennial flowering plants, these new landscaping areas add dramatic flare to several holes and enhance the overall visual appeal of the course.

Desert Horizons also benefited from a grant program offered by the Coachella Valley Water District to convert turf areas to lower water use vegetation, allowing the club to add a bit of sweetener to the renovation budget.

“The landscape enhancements generated nearly as much excitement as the golf course changes,” said Clark. “Combined with the strategic elements of the renovation, the club now offers a complete and relevant golf package. It’s a truly beautiful and enjoyable golf course. I think everybody’s a winner.”

For Jesse Ayala, Desert Horizons’ golf course superintendent, the significance of the renovation runs deeper. “My father was the superintendent here and still works as a greenskeeper, so this club is a big part of our lives,” said Ayala. “This project demonstrates to our crew that the membership cares not just about the club, but about our people. It is really motivating for us.”

The club’s new relevance in the market has led to an immediate return on investment. Desert Horizons experienced the strongest third quarter in terms of new club memberships and community home sales in recent memory. The average age of the club membership has gotten younger.

Damien Gallardo, the club’s General Manager, says the renovation has instantly separated Desert Horizons from the myriad of the desert’s private club offerings. “Our members are excited to show the new Desert Horizons to their friends,” he said. “This leads not only to new members, but also to increased participation in club activities, and inspires our staff to create new ways for the members to enjoy the club.”

Perhaps most importantly, the success of the golf course renovation campaign has started a trend to enhance other elements of the club.

“The tennis and pickleball players said if the golf members could do it, so can we,” said MacKenzie. “The culture and attitudes of the members have totally turned around. Everyone here is excited about what we’re doing.”

Product Review: OnCore ELIXR

Like every golfer, I’ve been on a quest to find the right ball for my game. It needs to be long and straight off the tee, responsive into the greens and feel soft on and around the greens. Like searching for a unicorn, it hasn’t been easy.

The most recent participant in our quest ... OnCore Golf’s ELIXR.

The three pieces of OnCore's ELIXR
The ELIXR ($40) is OnCore’s top-of-the-line ball, followed by CALIBER ($30) and AVANT ($20). It’s a three-piece ball with a cast urethane cover, metal-infused ionomer mantle, and polybutadiene rubber core.

We found the ELIXR to be long off the tee, probably because of its 85 compression rating. The lower the compression ... the farther a ball generally travels. That said, it’s often harder to garner the feel a low-handicap player prefers. One of our testers (a low single-digit handicap) experienced both the good and not-so-good.

“I liked the distance and feel off tee shots and shots from the fairway,” he said. “I felt a good connection on my irons and longer clubs.

“When it got to short game, however, I was not a big fan of the ball,” he added. “This could just be my style of play, but on my chip shots I felt the ball to be too ‘spinny’ and did not travel the distance I wanted it to. I also felt like when the ball made contact with my putter, the ball did not pop off of it at all. I did not like how it felt when hitting the putter face and the ball did not get to the hole.”

His struggles in the short game left a lasting impression, which is not uncommon. We’ve found that most balls, regardless of overall quality, perform similar off the tee and with long irons. That’s not to say there aren’t difference, of course, but they’re less noticeable  with full shots. Delicate shots - chips, pitches and putts - can be so different from one ball to another that you feel lost on or around the greens.

I once had the “brilliant” idea to test three different-model balls over an 18-hole round - six holes with each. Setting aside all the obvious flaws in that testing process, I found the hardest part of that round was getting the feel around the greens.

Our suggestion: If you are looking for extra distance off the tee, the OnCore ELIXR is an excellent option. The lower compression can easily add 5-10 yards to your driver. Like a swing change, however, you have to commit to it. Pre-round, spend a little extra time on the practice green, getting a feel for the ball.

Learn more about the ELIXR and other products at

Linda Hartough Golf Landscapes Commissioned to Create Paintings for RSM Classic

(HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C.) – Linda Hartough, a world-renowned golf-landscape artist ( and a 2017 inductee into the Lowcountry Golf Hall of Fame, has been commissioned by RSM US LLP, the sponsor of The RSM Classic, an official PGA Tour event, to create original oil paintings of Sea Island Golf Club and The RSM Classic – one each for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 tournaments. Three different holes will be painted.

“I am honored to do these paintings for The RSM Classic,” said Hartough, who did an original oil painting of the 13th Hole at Sea Island Golf Club, Seaside Course, in 2001. “It will be a pleasure to paint the spectacular holes of Seaside.

“Sea Island Club is a beautiful setting for golf.”

Fine art prints will be created for each year’s painting. The original paintings will be placed in select RSM offices across the country and, with each original, a small number of limited-edition commemorative prints will be created for use as special gifts. Hartough will attend this year’s tournament and be present for the final rounds.

Andy Bosman, chief marketing officer with RSM US LLP, said, “We are excited about having Linda join the RSM Classic, to help us commemorate this annual event, which has become a part of the history of Sea Island and of RSM. Linda’s talents will make this premier event even more special for our people at RSM, for our clients and for golf fans around the world by providing us all with a permanent reminder of the beauty of the island.

“We are glad to have Linda as part of the team that makes The RSM Classic one of the most unique stops on the PGA Tour.”

For more information, visit

K-MOTION Introduces Training Series to Teach Golf Instructors the Kinematic Sequence

Helps Identify Root Cause of Inefficient Swings to Accelerate Player Improvement

(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) - K-MOTION Interactive – the pioneer of innovative human motion training for the golf, baseball, hockey, fitness and physical therapy industries – introduces an online course to teach golf instructors how to read kinematic sequence charts with the learning techniques used to educate pilots to read flight instruments and doctors to read x-rays.

By understanding the kinematic sequence, coaches can accurately identify the root cause of inefficient movement and deliver drills to correct the motion, leading to accelerated player improvement. The “Reading Kinematic Sequence Graphs” series demystifies the process through an interactive environment in which students read and interpret real charts. Through the online series, instructors develop the ability to retain, recall and apply this advanced knowledge at an increased speed and level of proficiency.

“Understanding kinematic sequence charts is the key to unlocking the power of biomechanics and 3D motion,” says Michael Chu, CEO of K-MOTION. “After completing this course, every coach will be able to marry their swing principles with the science behind the swing to deliver high quality instruction.”

Kinematic sequence charts in golf precisely measure the velocity, rotation and sequence of the pelvis, upper body, lead arm, hand and club in the swing. Before K-MOTION introduced the series, those interested in learning how to read kinematic sequence charts were forced to invest thousands of dollars to attend multi-day seminars, and rarely developed competency before years of practice. Now, instructors can master this valuable practice in a matter of hours.

According to Golf Digest, seven of the top-10 golf instructors in America, as well as Major League Baseball and National Hockey League teams, use K-MOTION products for better training. Fitness coaches and physical therapists are also brand ambassadors.

K-MOTION is the industry leader in wearable, motion-training technology that makes athletes better faster. The company’s products (including K-VEST and K-PLAYER) create the complete learning solution: from diagnosis, to supervised instruction, to unsupervised practice. Through patented real-time audio and visual cues, athletes can connect perception and reality and master perfect motion in seconds. K-MOTION creates a seamless connection between player and coach through its cloud-based improvement sequence of measure, assess, coach and train.

For more information:, 603.472.3519.

Daphne’s Headcovers, John Daly Partner on New Lion Headcover to Benefit Boys and Girls Club

(Phoenix, Ariz.) — Daphne’s Headcovers, one of the Valley’s most successful golf businesses, proudly introduces the brand-new Lion Headcover.  Daphne’s is teaming up with PGA Tour legend John Daly to produce the new design.

Daly declared, “I am very excited to announce my new partnership with Daphne’s Headcovers! So, make sure when you cover up that hot driver, make sure it’s a ‘Grip It and Rip It’ John Daly Lion Headcover by Daphne’s!”

The long-awaited Lion Headcover has been under consideration since 1999.  Daly was called “the Lion” in high school because of his long blond hair. Sales proceeds will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Dardanelle, Arkansas.

Daphne’s is a true hometown success story, which started 39 years ago when Jane Spicer and her mother, Daphne, decided to make animal headcovers out of puppets.  Dogs, cats, and wildlife still dominate the line. “Just for Fun” headcovers have joined the family over the years. They include the Smurfs, Ninja, and Girl Monkey Made of Sockies, which is carried by LPGA professional Michelle Wie.

Fans will get their first glimpse of the Lion Headcover at the 2017 Charles Schwab Cup Championship, held at Phoenix Country Club.  Championship play is November 10, 11 and 12.  It’s the season-ending event on PGA Tour Champions and determines the final money list.

For more information, visit

Co-Medalist Marissa Mar Advances to Quarterfinals at 31st U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship

(HOUSTON, Texas) – Co-medalist Marissa Mar, 25, of San Francisco, Calif., won two matches in come-from-behind fashion Tuesday to advance to the quarterfinal round of the 2017 U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship on the par-72, 6,022-yard Cypress Creek Course at Champions Golf Club.

Mar, the championship’s No. 3 seed, who shared stroke-play medalist honors with Katie Miller and Lauren Greenlief, rallied to beat Leigh Klasse, 58, of Cumberland, Wis., in 20 holes, and defending champion Julia Potter, 30, of Indianapolis, Ind., 1 up. No. 1 seed Miller, 32, of Jeannette, Pa., and No. 2 seed Greenlief, 27, of Ashburn, Va., were eliminated in Tuesday’s Round of 32 and Round of 16, respectively.

“I still got a little fight in me,” said Mar, who is competing in her first U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur and works in corporate development for a financial services company. “I can still grind it out and really dig my teeth in when I need to.”

Mar, who was a member of the Stanford University team from 2010-14, rallied from 3 down on the outward nine against Potter. She squared the match on No. 10 with a two-putt par after her opponent found the water with her approach. Mar took the lead on the par-3 12th when she nestled her birdie putt from the fringe to tap-in range and moved to a 2-up advantage by rolling in a 30-footer for birdie on the par-5 13th. She held a 1-up lead heading to No. 18, and clinched her victory with a 180-yard 5-iron to within 9 feet below the hole.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” said Mar about reaching the quarterfinals. “It’s such a different tournament than any other amateur or USGA championship where you have a huge age range. This is a pleasant surprise.”

The U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship continues with the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds on Wednesday. The championship concludes with an 18-hole final on Thursday, starting at 9 a.m. CST. The winner will earn a full exemption into the 2018 U.S. Women’s Open, which will be played at Shoal Creek, in Shoal Creek, Ala.

Mar twice fought back from deficits against Klasse in the morning Round of 32. She squared the match with a par on No. 18 after hitting a 140-yard 7-iron approach. Mar nearly made a 30-footer for birdie on the second playoff hole, but won with a conceded par after Klasse found the right greenside bunker with her second shot.

Kelsey Chugg, 26, of Salt Lake City, Utah, was an unexpected quarterfinalist after overcoming an opening-round 85 in stroke play in her first Women’s Mid-Amateur. The round included a triple bogey and three double bogeys, but she followed with an even-par 72 to earn the No. 50 seed in the match-play bracket.

“[I am] just getting my ball-striking back where it usually is and just working on my tempo,” said Chugg, who beat Ket Preamchuen, 26, of Thailand, 4 and 2, earlier in the day. “I was a little nervous the first day. Now I am just trying to play golf.”

In the Round of 16, Chugg won three consecutive holes on the inward nine to defeat Greenlief, the 2015 Women’s Mid-Amateur champion, 3 and 2. She started her run on the par-5 11th when she found the green in two with a 4-iron approach to set up a 3-foot birdie putt. Chugg, who is the membership director for the Utah Golf Association, struck a couple of well-placed irons in registering winning pars at holes 12 and 13.

“I think they will be excited,” said Chugg about her co-workers. “We have our annual meeting this week for the board and I guess they were watching yesterday online, so I am sure they were watching today.”

Shannon Johnson, last year’s Women’s Mid-Amateur runner-up, posted a 2-and-1 victory over Dawn Woodard, 43, of Greenville, S.C., in the afternoon. She built a 2-up lead on the par-5 11th by firing a 6-iron onto the green to set up a two-putt birdie. Johnson, the No. 4 seed in the bracket, then rattled off six consecutive pars to close out the match.

“Match play is a funny thing,” said Johnson, who works in sales for a club manufacturer. “You can get paired against someone that’s got a hot putter, and if you have a slightly off day, you just lost. I hit some awesome iron shots, made some putts and was really lucky to come out on top.”

Johnson, 34, of Norton, Mass., was in command from the start in her morning match against Julia Hodgson, 26, of Canada. She made a 10-footer for birdie on No. 3 and put together consecutive birdies at holes 11 and 12 for a 5-up margin. Johnson struck a 58-degree wedge to within 8 feet at the par-5 11th and drained a 40-foot putt on the following hole.

Mary Jane Hiestand, 58, of Naples, Fla., is playing in her 20th U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur and reached the quarterfinals for the first time after edging four-time champion Meghan Stasi, 39, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 1 up, in the Round of 16. She recorded a 1-up decision against Kay Daniel, 46, of Covington, La., earlier in the day.

“This is not supposed to happen,” said Hiestand, who also competed in the 1998 Women’s Mid-Amateur, the last time the championship was held at Champions Golf Club. “I didn’t expect this at all. I just went out to play golf this afternoon and see what happens.”

Stasi had advanced to the matchup with Hiestand when she sank a 6-foot par putt on the 23rd hole against Tara Joy-Connelly, 44, of North Palm Beach, Fla, in the morning. Joy-Connelly, 44, won three consecutive holes on the inward nine to take a 1-up lead, but Stasi drained a swinging 34-foot birdie putt from off the green on the par-4 18th to force extra holes. It equaled the third-longest match in championship history.

Olivia Herrick, 29, of Roseville, Minn., outlasted Eleanor Tucker, 32, of Savannah, Ga., in 20 holes to advance. She will meet Johnson in the quarterfinal round in a rematch of last year’s semifinal battle, won by Johnson, 1 up. Amanda Jacobs, 30, of Portland, Ore., is also in the quarterfinals for the second consecutive year after turning back 2009 Women’s Mid-Amateur champion Martha Leach, 3 and 1.

Courtney McKim, 27, of Raleigh, N.C., and Hayley Hammond, 26, of Mooresville, N.C., also joined the list of quarterfinalists after winning a pair of matches. In the Round of 16, McKim defeated Mallory Hetzel, 30, of Virginia Beach, Va., 4 and 3, while Hammond beat Thuhashini Selvaratnam, 41, of Sri Lanka, 2 and 1.

In the morning session, Hetzel upended top-seed Miller, 2 and 1. She made consecutive birdies at holes 6 and 7 for a 3-up advantage and won the par-4 10th with a par.

“There wasn’t a 15-footer she looked at that she didn’t make,” said Miller, who reached the quarterfinals last year. “It’s a tough bracket to get through. You have a lot of former Division I college players here, women who know their way around the golf course.”

Quarterfinalists earn an exemption into next year’s U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur, Sept. 22-27 at Norwood Hills Country Club, in St. Louis, Mo.

The USGA relocated this championship from Quail Creek Country Club in Naples, Fla., to Champions Golf Club due to extensive flood damage from Hurricane Irma. The Women’s Mid-Amateur was originally scheduled to be played Oct. 7-12.

The U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur is one of 13 national championships conducted annually by the United States Golf Association, 10 of which are strictly for amateurs. Live scoring and updates are available throughout the championship on

The Sea Pines Resort Announces Construction of Pete Dye Room in Harbour Town Clubhouse

(HILTON HEAD, S.C.) – The Sea Pines Resort – host of the PGA TOUR’s RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing held on its famed Harbour Town Golf Links – has begun construction of its Pete Dye Room in the Harbour Town Clubhouse.

Scheduled to open in February 2018, the multi-media exhibit will explore the close relationship between Dye’s incredible career as the preeminent course designer of the modern era and rise to prominence of his celebrated creation, Harbour Town Golf Links. Golfweek’s Brad Klein calls Harbour Town “one of the most innovative and revolutionary designs in the history of golf architecture.” Dye is also the architect of the resort’s acclaimed Heron Point layout.

“Harbour Town made my career,” says Dye. That was almost 50 years ago when the iconic 18 opened to much fanfare and just in time for a nascent PGA TOUR tournament called the Heritage Classic. Swashbuckling Arnold Palmer staged one of his patented final round charges for the inaugural victory, christening the Lowcountry destination as a “must visit” locale for all golfers.

The Pete Dye Room will celebrate the life and work of the World Golf Hall of Fame member, showcasing some of his other influential designs as well as how he inspired the sport. Two larger-scale elements will feature the machinery integral to plying his trade: a Smithco bunker rake for shaping golf greens and a life-size image of Dye using a transit – a surveying device used by course architects. Both will offer exciting photo opportunities.

Three videos will explore the heart of Dye's work. In one, professional players and friends will talk about their favorite Dye holes and courses. Another will relive the magic of the most famous shots on his greatest holes. Finally, a mini-documentary will explore his creation of Harbour Town Golf Links and how Dye's process as a builder revolutionized golf course design and play.

Other elements in the exhibit include an exceptional sand table interactive further exploring how Dye designed and built holes, a surveying interactive using a transit to view a course under construction, a cut-out model of a putting green, and many iconic images and stories of Dye and the people he has influenced in his storied career. Dye’s numerous trophies and awards will be prominently displayed and will provide a testament to his place in golf and golf course design.

“We’re thrilled to honor the life and work of the great Pete Dye in our Harbour Town Clubhouse,” says Cary Corbitt, Vice President of Sports & Operations. “The stewardship of Pete Dye’s seminal design is important to us and his longtime contributions to Sea Pines, Hilton Head, and the golf world at large are immeasurable.”

For more information:, 866.561.8802.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

G/FORE's Transporter Sequel is a Blockbuster

(RELEASE) - G/FORE’s new special edition Transporter II bag is ready to see some serious action in 2018.

The latest version of the popular Transporter oozes G/FORE’s trademark class with an edgy style, which is sure to prove popular with those who are looking for the ultimate in a luxury stand bag.

Customized with tonal logos and quilted patent leather front pockets, initials or a name can also be embroidered on the front pocket to add that extra layer of individuality.

Manufactured by Vessel, it is also brimming with features including a cooler pocket, an inner valuables pocket with two-combination lock, magnetic tee pocket, patented Rotator Stand technology allowing maximum stability and a double equilibrium strap.

There are some nice extra touches too with a genuine leather handle, a ball marker towel ring, premium YKZ zippers with genuine leather pulls and weighs just six pounds (2.7kg).

The first batch of the new edition has already flown off the shelves with new stock expected early in February 2018, where it will be available exclusively on the G/FORE website with international shipping now available.

Having forged its identity on brightly colored, high-quality gloves and eye-catching footwear and apparel, the G/FORE brand, created by fashion-industry pioneer Mossimo Giannulli in 2011, has made significant strides in its first few years on the golf scene.

And this latest addition allows golfers to show off even more of their G/FORE style.

Giannulli said: “Our first version of the Transporter was so popular, we were keen to work on a golf bag collaboration with Vessel and we are excited about the new edition. Vessel's innovative golf bags paired with the style principles of G/FORE makes for the perfect combination.”

To view the brand’s full range of apparel, gloves, shoes and accessories, visit

V-ONE Sports Launches New V1 Premium, Basic Golf Instruction Solutions for Teaching Professionals

Award winning swing analysis and video instruction technology offers new plans and pricing for teaching in a studio, mobile, or both

(Ann Arbor, Michigan) – In providing the best video instruction technology for teaching professionals, V-ONE Sports (V1) continues to evolve its leading platform by announcing new professional solutions for all levels of teaching.

“Golf instruction and how instructors teach continues to evolve,” Chris McGinley, CEO of V-ONE Sports, said. “By asking the right questions and listening closely to our V1 teaching professionals, our mission is to provide the right tools and a pathway to success that helps them grow their business.”

Whether teaching full or part time, in a studio with fixed cameras, or on the range with your mobile device, V1 has the right package to make an impact including branded communications and integrated marketing options.

The V1 video instruction platform offers multiple options utilizing V1’s award winning Pro HD desktop and Pro App mobile software. V1 Premium plans provide video instruction, branding, integrated marketing in Complete, Studio or Mobile options. V1 Basic plans are for individual instructors who just want the best video analysis tools.

“With V1 technology and product packages built for the instructor or teaching academy needs, our platform offers the ability to grow as they expand their business” McGinley explained. “If you are a PGM student just learning to teach, a young instructor getting started, or have an existing teaching business that you want to improve, V1 can help.”

Both Premium and Basic plans include the ability to capture and analyze video, create and deliver more effective, high quality digital lessons and deliver them via email, text, and cloud based locker. V1 allows for tips and drills to be seamlessly integrated into lessons. V1 offers a large range of professional model swings for compare and overlay during analysis.

The new V1 Premium and Basic plans have set the foundation for V1 to continue to evolve. This includes developing and launching more innovative technology and business integration tools in the coming months that will help instructors be more efficient, more effective, and grow their teaching business.

For more information about the V1 Pro HD and V1 Pro Mobile App solutions, visit To experience a free trial of the software, contact or call 800-777-7721.

David Feherty Hosting Back-to-Back Nights of "Feherty Live" During Super Bowl Week

Feherty Live Stage Performances to Take Place Thursday-Friday, Feb. 1-2, from the State Theatre in Downtown Minneapolis, Airing Live on Golf Channel

(ORLANDO, Fla.) – Emmy-nominated television personality David Feherty will host back-to-back nights of Feherty Live stage shows, originating from the State Theatre in downtown Minneapolis, Thursday-Friday, Feb. 1-2. Airing live on Golf Channel at 8 p.m. ET (7 p.m. CT) each night, the shows will complement NBC Sports Group’s weeklong coverage of the Super Bowl taking place at U.S. Bank Stadium, just a few blocks from the State Theatre.

Tickets for those interested in attending either night can be purchased by visiting:

This will be the seventh installment of the Feherty Live franchise, and the third time that the shows will take place in conjunction with Super Bowl week (2012 – Indianapolis; 2015 – Glendale, Ariz.) Previous editions of Feherty Live have featured prominent guests, including American sporting icons, Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps (both of whom took part in Feherty Live in 2012) along with Al Michaels and Mike Eruzione, among others.

Host of his self-titled, Emmy-nominated Feherty series on Golf Channel, Feherty’s all-star lineup of golf-enthused guests feature celebrities from across entertainment, sports and politics. To date, Feherty has sat down with four U.S. Presidents (Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump); sports legends Charles Barkley, Nick Saban, Stephen Curry and Bobby Knight; Hollywood icons Matthew McConaughey, Larry David and Samuel L. Jackson; and a host of golfing greats spanning Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Tom Watson, Annika Sorenstam and Phil Mickelson.

Feherty is coming off record viewership in 2017 for the 7th season of his Feherty series on Golf Channel, as the most-watched season to date for both Live+Same Day and Live+3 Days for premiere episodes.

Described as “golf’s iconoclast,” by Rolling Stone, and “the last unscripted man on TV,” by Men’s Journal, Feherty has made a name for himself not only through his self-titled series, but as one of the most irrepressible personalities calling golf over the past two decades. Beyond golf, Feherty continues to capture new and broader audiences with his wit and self-deprecating nature. A native of Northern Ireland and a former professional golfer who claimed 10 worldwide victories and a spot on the 1991 European Ryder Cup team, Feherty is now a proud American citizen who has risen above a history of alcoholism and addiction to become an Emmy-nominated television host, New York Times best-selling author and comedic relief for thousands of men and women in uniform.